Ednet with a university-branded interface is a game-changer for higher education. It brings widespread digital transformation to the post-secondary sector with highly efficient recruitment and enrolment processing. It unlocks large pools of global students for partner universities through multilingual instruction and a ready-to-use online content library that drives international enrolment and revenue through a unique system of global recruiting hubs.

Ednet changes existing norms by reducing the enrolment cycle from dozens of days to one, and the launch of new institutions and programs from a year to weeks . Collapsing the enrolment steps into an automated system increases enrolments and revenue by 35% to 45%.

Ednet‘s services, functionality and features have no direct competitors. The platform is beneficial to all universities regardless of size, location or native language and is compatible with their existing service agreements.

Ednet™ vs. Other Models

With the maturing of the online sector, greater flexibility, speed to market, and ease of delivering online content to a much broader base of students is critical. Ednet addresses these expectations through a new “plug and play” e-commerce platform that serves as a university’s marketplace for all its online content.
Ednet™Standard OPMFee-for-Service
Upfront capital to launch partner universities
Global marketing & student recruitment
Ready-to-brand high demand degrees and alternative-credentials content library in multiple languages
No start dates, all programmes on-demand vs. two to six starts per year
Three week launch for universities vs. nine to twenty-four months
Fully automated admission process
Same-day enrolment process for student vs. eighty to ninety days
Up to fifty programs at launch vs. average of six
Immediate online presence for institutions
Flexible contract