Online Learning

  • Digital or online learning is the fastest-growing trend in higher education because it provides increased access for students and increased enrolment and revenue for universities.
  • Students studying digitally perform as well or better academically and graduate at a higher rate than students studying face-to-face. Source
  • Revenue from digital learners is often one of the most profitable sources of income for many universities, given the lower cost of serving online versus on-campus students. Similarly, revenue from online students has a greater percentage net margin than international on-campus students even though fees collected from foreign learners are much higher than those from digital learners. Source
  • Online students rarely drop out. Unlike on-campus students, they take one module at a time and often don’t move lockstep from one to the next. As working adults with work and family obligations, they step in and out of the program but remain enrolled and ultimately graduate at a much higher rate than on-campus students. Source