The Ednet

Globalisation of Higher
Education through Online Learning


Ednet is an e-commerce and e-learning platform that generates, qualifies, enrols and supports online students from initial contact through graduation. It is based on the integration of leading-edge technologies, proprietary workflows and intelligent automation which combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), intelligent document processing (IDP), avatars, chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA) that make the entire student journey a frictionless process.


Ednet with a university-branded interface is a game-changer for higher education. It brings widespread digital transformation to the post-secondary sector with highly efficient recruitment and enrolment processeing. It unlocks large pools of global students for partner universities through multilingual instruction and a ready-to-use online content library that drives international enrolment and revenue through a unique system of global recruiting hubs.

Ednet changes existing norms by reducing the enrolment cycle from dozens of days to one, and the launch of new institutions and programmes from one year to three weeks. Collapsing the enrolment steps into an automated system increases enrolments and revenue by 30% to 45%. Ednet automates the student lifecycle and modernises the consumer experience by aligning online higher education with the latest e-commerce functionalities used by most online retailers.

Ednet‘s services, functionality and features have no direct competitors. The platform is beneficial to all universities regardless of size, location or native language and is compatible with their existing service agreements.


  • Automates the student lifecycle: self–apply, self-enrol, self-pay, self-start, self-paced
  • Pre-qualifies students for full admission
  • Provides a multilingual content library of high-demand degrees, short courses and micro-credentials for global distribution
  • Delivers content on demand and evaluates student performance
  • Provides a global payment gateway that collects tuition and pays the provider university
  • Supports online students throughout their academic journey
  • Provides a learning management system (Canvas)
  • Provides global recruitment hubs


Ednet operates global recruiting hubs, giving partner universities a presence in geographies that encompass 74% of the world’s university students. Hubs operate in local languages with local personnel that recruit and support online students in their region, track local higher ed regulations and maintain government relations. Hubs are currently operating in Dallas, Mexico City, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Brighton and Nairobi.

Content in local languages provides partner universities access to large populations of students in high growth international markets and the opportunity to establish beachheads in over 150 countries.

Ednet is currently serving students in over 150 countries.


Ednet provides universities a comprehensive, on-demand library of top-quality content in multiple languages. It includes high demand degrees, short courses and micro-credentials for domestic and international distribution.

The library is created by faculty from some of the world’s most respected institutions. All content is built according to the best practices in teaching and learning, and with student outcomes at the forefront of consideration. Faculty at partner institutions are free to modify, customise or replace the library’s content at anytime.

The content library reduces a university’s time to market by at least 90%.

High Demand Online Degree Portfolios

  • Business (MBAs & MSc)
  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Graduate Education
  • Computer Science

Non-Accredited Micro-Credentials

  • Short Courses
  • MBA Specialisations
  • Certificates & Certifications
  • Accelerated MBA