QUICK START (pre-qualifies students)

Ednet‘s Quick Start increases enrolment by 50% and raises retention rates to 85%.

With Quick Start, each applying student begins with a Professional Certificate which contains the content of the degree’s first module. The Professional Certificate costs the same as a module. Students successfully completing the certificate at a threshold level receive academic credit and are fully admitted to the full degree programme. Students admitted through Quick Start have an average graduation rate of 85%.

A version of Quick Start has been one of Harvard University’s enrolment strategies for a portion of its admissions for over a hundred years. Currently, over 13,000 students are going through this process at Harvard.

Across the US at least nine states and hundreds of institutions use some form of direct admission. A study shows that twice as many students apply when it is offered.

Ednet reduces a university’s online launch timeline from 9-18 months to 3 weeks.


Ednet provides payment processing through its global payment gateway which automatically converts currencies as appropriate and deposits funds into the provider university’s account.