Ednet™'s Multilingual Content Library

Ednet provides universities a comprehensive, on-demand library of top-quality content in multiple languages. It includes high demand degrees, short courses and alternative-credentials for domestic and international distribution.

The library was created by faculty from some of the world’s most respected institutions. All content is built according to the best practices in teaching and learning, and with student outcomes at the forefront of consideration. Faculty at partner institutions are free to modify, customise or replace the library’s content at anytime.

The content library reduces a university’s time to market by at least 90%.

High Demand Online Degree Portfolios

  • Business (MBAs & MSc)
  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Graduate Education
  • Computer Science

Non-Accredited Alternative-Credentials

  • Short Courses
  • MBA Specialisations
  • Certificates & Certifications
  • Accelerated MBA

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