About Us

Enabling universities to expand access to high quality, affordable higher education to United Kingdom citizens and beyond.

Higher Ed Partners - United Kingdom Difference

Our integrated, comprehensive approach to supporting universities in all aspects of online programme management is a model proven in the US, UK and South Africa that delivers sustainable growth for universities and delivers student success through our upfront investment of capital, a depth of expertise in scalable online programme design, unrivaled omni-channel marketing solutions, and student enrolment and retention services.

A Note From Our Founder

The Transformative Power of Technology-Enabled Higher Education

Higher Ed Partners emerged from a deep belief in the transformative power of higher education to change the lives of countless global citizens. While the value of education has been recognised since Ancient Greece, the ability to provide universal access to top-quality higher education is new.

Technology is a game changer for post-secondary learning/education and a great enabler. Its extraordinary ability to disseminate knowledge unbound by geography and time has captured the imaginations of people around the world. HEP is excited to participate in this movement, which is transforming higher education by expanding access and helping millions achieve their aspirations. Thousands of high-quality degree programmes have become universally accessible through online learning. The resulting increase in educational attainment among global citizens is a precursor to better standards of living and a more rapid and sustainable economic development of nations.

It is a true privilege to participate in this transformative process. HEP - United Kingdom is committed to maximizing the latest online learning technologies for the benefit of its partner universities and the millions of students these institutions can serve.

Randy Best
Founder and Chairman, Higher Ed Partners

Our Leadership Team

What does it take to lead Higher Ed Partners – United Kingdom? A passion for lifelong learning, a drive for excellence, diverse professional experiences and a deep commitment to expanding access to high-quality, affordable higher education.

  • Steve Hill President/ CEO
  • Dawid Rheeder Business Development
  • Joanne Roxburgh VP, Academic Services
  • Sarah Frame Director, Partner Support
  • Ian Howell Director, University Partnerships
  • Ed Harland Lang Director, Marketing